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Welcome to Ezer Photography. Chances are you are on the hunt for a professional photographer to capture this once in a lifetime incredible moment in your life, but chances are you would also really like to enjoy your time with said photographer. Allow me to introduce myself. 


My name is Sarah and am a wife and mother myself. I have been married to my university sweetheart for almost 10 years now and am an avid dog lover (esp. my own little Yorkie Lucy). My two girls keep me extremely busy and on my toes most days, so I understand that in this season of life we are all extremely busy. So often we feel overwhelmed and are trying our very best to soak in every little drop of our babies…while also trying not to lose your sanity in the process. I am a huge advocate for mompreneurs, encouraging women who find themselves not living their best motherhood and rallying around others to form a sense of community. 


I picked up my first camera when I was 19 and never looked back. I opened my own photography business in 2016 after the birth of my first little girl. I already knew that I loved capturing moments for myself, but becoming a mom made my passion for photography and business come alive ten fold. As a mom, like many of you, I felt a new urgency to try and make time with my littles stand still even if it was just a wee bit longer. 


This is 'MY WHY'behind the creation of Ezer Photography. I want all families, especially in this season of their lives to create and capture memories that they can cherish for a lifetime. 


I am the youngest of 3 children and while being the youngest had many

perks, documented photos of when I was a baby definitely wasn’t one of

them. My mom, like many of us moms was extremely busy, overwhelmed

and just didn’t have the time or resources to pick up a camera, let alone

back in the day develop the film. I have 2 pages of a photo album to look

back on and I wish I had more!!!


In this technological era now more than ever it is so easy to take pictures

of our kids wherever we go, but are you printing them? or displaying them in

your home... Are they capturing the memories of that moment WELL? 


This is where I come in… 


Not only will I capture these moments well but It is my passion to create

an experience that your entire family will cherish, yes even your husband

hah! We all deserve to fall in love with the pictures of those we love most so

much that we do display these images like they are our most prized possessions.  In promising this I realize I need to provide packages that meet your

needs and wants perfectly for where you are at.  


These are some things that make me & my packages a bit different: 

  • Flexibility around where I shoot-I shoot on location, will travel to many different locations as well as offer covid friendly Lifestyle sessions where I can come to you in the comfort of your own home. This especially comes in handy right after you have given birth to your precious new baby. 

  • Digital images are always included- pick your desired package based on time and the amount of images your are looking for. 

  • Private Online Gallery- For your viewing pleasure our session together will be delivered to you via a Private Online Gallery/ 

  • YOU CHOOSE your favourite images-you know your children and babies best! There may be a smirk, smile or look that is uniquely them that I may not pick up on. As well, I am aware of the reality that most women are specific about the way they look in images so it is my desire for you to choose the ones you LOVE most!

  • Heirloom Print Productscan be added onto any package

                and provide a one of a kind printed piece for your family

                to cherish as a keepsake for a lifetime 

  • Add on optionsfor time, number of digital images or

                travel are always available with purchase. 


I am passionate about Motherhood, Storytelling and Documenting

this precious journey through Photography.Feel free

to check me out there or here, call or message me today so I can

capture this special time in your life. 



The woman behind the lens

Ezer Photography was recently Featured and Published on the cover of Birthing Magazine & KNOW Calgary's magazine, which feature's 100+ dynamic women from various industries you need to know. Sarah has also been a member of Canadian Birth Photographers since 2016.



5 out of 5 stars

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